Our hypervision solution: GLANCE

Our solutions are based on an innovative architecture composed of several layers:


Connectors allow data to be retrieved from a variety of formats to standardize and extract relevant data. Connectors can exchange with text files, databases, mailboxes, SNMP databases, and retrieve metrics from physical-virtual servers and operating systems.

We have a wide range of connectors to retrieve data from:

  • Traditional telephony systems (Cisco, Mitel, Alcatel, Avaya …)

  • Trading telephony systems (Etrali, IPTrade, IPC …)

  • Voice transcription and post-processing tools

  • Chat systems (Skype For Business, Jabber …)

  • The e-mail boxes (Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps …)

  • Recording solutions (Nice, Verint, ASC …)

  • Databases (Order book, customer data...)

  • Market data tools


The warehouse is in charge of data storage and distribution during queries. The data is stored for a period of 5 years allowing for research also in the past. The warehouse can be clustered to secure data and improve query delivery performance.


The search engine is responsible for executing queries. This engine queries the warehouses to retrieve the relevant data and redistribute it to the analysis layer.

This layer is also in charge of issuing automated reports that you will receive by e-mail or directly on demand.

Analytics is the layer for displaying data in an intelligible format and also supports alert functions via e-mail and new chat channels.

This layer supports the display of the WEB interface on different format of PC, tablet and smartphone.

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