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The Morning Check issue

Today's financial companies need to ensure that the trading room environment is operational at all times.

This involves a Morning Check phase every morning to validate the proper functioning of communications and compliance tools.

At Open Lake, we believe that this method is outdated because it is not efficient and costly in terms of time and money.

We combine the strengths of Robot Process Automation and Machine Learning to provide you with a unique and innovative solution in the field of compliance. Our robot performs a real-time verification of the communications ecosystem to ensure that it is functional and in compliance.

Our clients generally have a FTE of one hour every day to perform manual checks. These repetitive tasks are mostly inefficient and do not limit human error. Is all communication captured? What is the quality of the voice before and after the recording? Are the recordings properly stored and archived?

It is time to focus your teams on value-added projects and let us monitor your communication environment in real time.

Open Lake will provide you with the necessary peace of mind and free up time for IT and compliance teams.

Contact us for a demonstration and to show you how we will save you time and money!

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