• Automate manual tasks to check the state of the regulated technology ecosystem

  • Improve responsiveness in the event of an incident

  • Accelerate the speed of resolution

Your benefits :

  • Agnostic solution, without impact on your data for IT compliance

  • A real dedicated tool for regulated telephony (Ipbx, Phones, Turrets, Storage, Recorders…)

  • Enhanced responsiveness: Involving the right resources at the right time

  • Automation of alerts and reports: Send alarms and reports in real time with root cause analysis

  • Optimize skills: Automate & free up time for your teams

  • Limit your liability: Identify and track interactions

  • Flexible and easy to install: Lightweight virtual or physical solution

  • A real god value for money…

Key functions:

  • Validate the proper functioning of hardware and virtual resources

  • Validate the correct operation of the OS

  • Validate the proper functioning of applications

  • Summarize anomalies on a single dashboard

  • Customize problem detection

  • Alert the right person in real time

  • Search for the root cause in real time

  • Validate the proper functioning of telecom resources

Dashboards audio quality, recording, storage... :

  • Availability of real-time recordings 

  • Real-time alert in case of loss or poor quality

  • Configurable proactive alarms

  • Hardware and software load and process status

  • Audio Quality Control

  • Real-time automatic control of telephony (IP stations, decks, recorders ...)

Example of dynamic charts and responsive dashboards:


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