• Analyze the use of the means of communication (telephone, chat ...) 

  • Study interactions (Who, when, where, where...)

  • Optimize the use of the LS fleet

Your benefits :

  • Agnostic solution, without impact on your data

  • Optimize exchanges: Analyze your counterparties carefully

  • Enhanced vision: Get a transversal and global vision of the activity

  • Reduce costs: Better understanding of your uses

  • Creating opportunities: Increased knowledge of your business

  • Enhanced responsiveness: Involving the right resources at the right time

Key functions :

  • Understand interactions on all channels

  • Synthesis of interactions received, sent and missed

  • Analyze the use of private wires and telecom resources to reduce your costs

  • Provide a consolidated alarm report for the business

  • Statistics on your counterparties

  • Study the activity of the teams

  • Detect inactive users

Interaction dashboards :

  • Distribution of incoming and outgoing calls

  • Details of incoming calls

  • Details of outgoing calls

  • Taxing tool

  • Details of private wires usage

  • And other…

Example of dynamic charts and responsive dashboards:



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