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Imagine a world where compliance is simple, clear and easy to apply. This world can exist and it is our ambition.


Over the past ten years, financial companies have paid more than € 26 billion in fines for non-regulatory practices and this will intensify with the new MIFID2 and GDPR guidelines.


The key element today is the ability to monitor compliance with existing and future directives.


The multiplication of communication channels further complicates the monitoring work for the IT & compliance teams. It is therefore essential that these teams have a common working tool to supervise the end users.

At Open Lake Technology, we offer a unique tool at the confluence of hypervision, business intelligence and process automation.


Our goal is to enable you to achieve complete centralized automation of monitoring functions for IT and Compliance teams to limit your companies' risk. We also propose to provide decision support for the business lines in order to improve operational results.


We offer a central and agnostic tool allowing you to:


  • Supervision of the state of the means of communication in real time.


  • Proactive monitoring of voice interactions to ensure they are well captured, archived and of sufficient quality to be audible by compliance teams and the regulator.


  • Finally, we analyze your exchanges with your customers in order to understand the uses of the different means of communication.


Thus, your financial institution can create value while being certain to be in line with its regulatory obligations.


We work only with distributors / integrators and offer a simple model of rental by user station.


Today, we allow many customers to have a good night's sleep regarding their compliance, We are waiting for you!

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