Your French private cloud telephony solution dedicated to the world of finance (from front to back office). We add a unique tool for IT supervision, analysis and management of your MIFID2-DODD FRANK compliance.

Our solutions


Our managed telephony offer:


Use our turnkey telephony offer in private cloud mode for your trading room or administrative stations.

IT supervision for your regulated tools :


Deeply supervise your regulated equipment with a centralized, real-time view of your infrastructure. You can also automate your manual tasks (Morning check...). 

Automation of MIFID2 record compliance processes


Automate your manual control tasks for IT/Business compliance.

Management of your telephony and private wires:


Control the use of your regulated telephony with statistics, automatic reporting and supervision of multi-channel flows (chat, video...). 

Central and agnostic hypervision :


Replace all your monitoring tools with one (SNMP, log analysis, network polling and packet analysis as well as file content analysis).


Who are we ?

Our creation

OPEN LAKE TECHNOLOGY was founded by partners coming from the world of communication recorders, trading room and telecom operator. Your business issues are therefore in good hands.

Our vision

With the arrival of MIFID2 and its requirements concerning the regulator (article 76 paragraph 10), financial companies are faced with new compliance requirements.

In order to respond to these issues, OPEN LAKE TECHNOLOGY has created an agnostic solution.

Our technology

OPEN LAKE TECHNOLOGY is the only French supplier that meets your obligations thanks to a central, agnostic tool that automates the manual tasks of your IT and compliance teams.


Tel: +33 6 27 60 46 90

10 rue de Panthièvre

Paris, 75008


Tel: +33 6 27 60 46 90

10 rue de Panthièvre

Paris, 75008

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